1. Use of the website at

Optotehnik je aplikacija i web strana koja se koristi isključivo u poslovne svrhe i prvenstveno služi za Optotehnik is an application and website that is used exclusively for business purposes and primarily serves to quickly inform all interested parties about a specific defect, fracture, deformation, load or non-compliance, at a specific location. Second part of the application is used for the service of projecting and designing new packaging or redesigning existing packaging.

The user of the application creates a pdf report himself and sends it to the desired email addresses that he enters himself. The pdf report from the application can contain images, texts, descriptions, addresses and text locations.

The website and application Optotehnik do not set restrictions regarding the age of users (except for minors, see item 3. Our policy regarding children ). All users who meet the other conditions and requirements for using this platform are welcome to use it. The website and application do not contain any offensive or provocative content that may violate users of any age.

It is important to note that the application Optotehnik is intended exclusively for business users who need to use it in a professional context. This application provides tools and functionalities that are specially designed for business needs and are intended for such use.

The use of this application is the responsibility of each user. As a user, you undertake not to enter, share or promote offensive content on this site or application. Any inappropriate behavior or content that violates the rules and norms of good behavior will be sanctioned according to our rules.

2. Colecting information

We make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the collection of personal information is limited to what is necessary to fulfill the purposes identified below. We have adopted this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) to be clear about what data we collect, why we collect it, whom we share it with, how you can access it, and correct it when necessary.

We do not sell your data to third parties. All the information we request from you is strictly required for the purpose of creating your user account, generating and issuing invoices, and enabling communication. By using Optotehnik website, web aplication or mobile aplication, you agree to the use of your personal information as described in this Policy.

This Policy applies for Optotehnik mobile application, web application and website.

In the following, the term "website" is used for the website, web aplication and our mobile app.

Based on your needs, you can visit our website, web application or download our mobile application, and in certain parts of the application, we may need to collect your data in order to ensure successful continuation of using some of our services.

We provide a trial period during which you can evaluate our product and assess its suitability for your needs. To register for this trial, no payment information is required; we only need your e-mail address to activate your trial. However, at the end of the trial period, if you choose to purchase any of our plans, we will request additional information to facilitate your purchase and create a user account.

We collect: e-mail, company name, VAT, company address, Country, IP address, any other private information requested by apps, photos, password for authentication, also may gather information through the use of cookies or similar technologies, including details such as your browser type when accessing our website, the referring page that led you to our website, the duration of your visit, the specific pages you choose to explore, and the date and time of your website access.

Photos*: We use your photos to enable you to capture and share images within the application. The application requires access to your camera and photos to enable you to capture and share photos from gallery within the app. The images will not be physically stored or saved on the disk, but will be embedded in a PDF report that is generated upon user request.

Why we collect this: This information is utilized for purposes including processing your payment transaction, managing your account, establishing a connection with you, providing updates and introducing new features. We do not store any payment or credit card information. On our the platforms, there is no option for credit card payment. The user receives an invoice to the provided email address and independently proceeds with the payment using their preferred method. Once the payment is confirmed, the user account is activated. The user is required to pay the exact amount specified on the received invoice.

Kindly be aware that if you decline to provide us with the requested information, we will be unable to process your orders and grant you access to the Optotehnik subscription you have purchased.

2.1. Information collected and tracked by our software

  • Apple and Google Play Store profile information to enable app submissions
  • Usage stats in apps and on the website
  • Current IP address
  • Device information (for mobile apps)
  • Cookies that are saved while using the website
  • Authetication data
  • Google Analytics data
  • Other analytics

3. Our policy regarding children

Optotehnik is not designed or intended to appeal to children. We do not knowingly seek personal information from children or request it from them. In the event that we become aware or are notified by a parent or guardian that a child under the age of fourteen has falsely registered on our Services, we will promptly terminate the child's account and delete any personal information that may have been collected during the registration process.


Optotehnik utilizes the collected data to deliver the Services we provide, including enhancing and personalizing your experience. Additionally, we employ the collected data to communicate with you regarding your account and payments.

  • In order to enhance our Services through the development of new features, conducting research, and ensuring the ongoing performance of the application, we continuously strive to improve ourofferings.
  • To can offer a support services
  • To deliver the subscription plan you have purchased or the free plan you have signed up for in order to fulfill your requirements.

5. Disclosure of Information

We do not and will not sell personal information about our customers. Your data is only disclosed in accordance with the authorizations outlined in this Policy. We will not disclose your personal information to third parties except in the following circumstances:

Legal requirements: We may disclose your personal information if we are legally obligated to do so or if we believe such disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, property, or safety.

6. Data Security

We highly prioritize the protection of your personal information. We take reasonable precautions to ensure that your data is not lost, misused, or accessed without authorization. We implement security measures to safeguard your information and maintain its confidentiality.

7. User Rights

You have the right to access and correct the data we have collected about you. If you wish to permanently delete your account, you can contact us at, and your account will be permanently removed. Accounts may be permanently deleted after a certain period of user inactivity and following the expiration of the paid usage of the application. You also have the right to restrict or object to how we use your data. If you wish to exercise these rights or have any questions or complaints regarding our privacy policy, please contact us using the contact information provided below.

8. Service of projecting and designing new packaging or redesign of existing packaging

8.1. The company Optotehnik with headquarters in Serbia, 32000 Gonjem Milanovac, Gorička 49, provides Services: design of new packaging for the product (cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, pallet packaging); redesign of existing packaging (carton/corrugated cardboard), elimination or reduction of plastic materials; redesign of existing packaging, reduction of cost/logistics costs, principle of minimum volume; analyzing the existing packaging from the point of view of customer complaints and/or complaints; optimization of packaging (necessary and sufficient security of packaging, firmness and durability of packaging, stability of packaging, principle of minimum volume, optimization and utilization of pallets, reduction of CO2/decarbonization, EU 94/62,...).

8.2. The service provider (Optotehnik) will provide the service orderer (user) with the services specified in point 8.1. within a certain period and at a certain price. The service provider will determine the price of the service on the basis of the estimated time and engaged own funds for the creation of the service, and directly depending on the defined inputs provided by the service orderer in the form of filling out the application form from the Package. Module. The service provider will deliver an invoice to the service user.

9.1. Disclamer of liability

The user accepts all the stated terms of use and bears responsibility that Optotehnik (and all its parts) will not affect: internal standards and business rules of the company where the user works, external standards of the industry branch, regulations or legal acts of the company or state laws as well as legal bodies and certification houses. If you do not agree with these Terms, do not use Optotehnik

We disclaim any responsibility and consequences, accidental or intentional, that may arise from sending pdf reports by the user to other companies or individuals, where there may be disclosure of trade secrets or determination of the type of information and data that are important for the company where the user works or are important for a third company that has a relationship with the company where the user application. By accepting the terms of use, the user absolutely accepts the responsibilities and consequences if he accidentally or intentionally sends information about trade secrets and certain types of information and data that may later be part of a certain legal dispute or tube. If for any reason you do not agree with these Terms, do not use Optotehnik.

This clause limits our legal liability relating to your access to and use of the website. Please read all terms carefully and confirm that you agree to these Terms based on the given disclaimer and set out in the text above and under.

The Website is available to all users 'as is' to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we disclaim liability for any damages caused by interference, malfunction, computer viruses, unauthorized access, intervention, alteration or use , fraud, theft, technical error, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay or any event or occurrence beyond the control of Optotechnik, which may lead to corruption or affect the administration, security, integrity and proper functioning of any parts of the website.

Use of the website is at the user's own risk. The user assumes full responsibility for all risk of loss arising from downloading or using data or referring to and relying on facilities, services, content and products or other information originating from the website.

The user agrees that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Optotehnik and providers of telecommunications and network services for Optotehnik shall not be responsible for damages caused or related to his use or inability to use the website, and disclaims all claims in relation to the foregoing, whether on the basis of contract, damages or on any other basis.

No advice or information, whether written or oral, obtained from Optotehnik shall alter this limitation of liability or create any warranty of any kind

9.2. Odricanje odgovornosti za uslugu dizajna pakovanja

Optotechnik does not bear any responsibility after the production/procurement/production of packaging and packaging by the user, and according to the instructions provided by Optotechnik, in terms of damage, breakage or deformation of the packaging and/or products by the user that may occur in logistics and exploitation during: non-compliance prescribed technical elements, non-observance of prescribed instructions and packaging layout, or may arise due to improper and unsafe manipulation, due to internal transport and handling, due to improper and unsafe storage of packaging and/or products, due to stochastic influences in transport , due to deformations, breaks or impacts during improper/improper stacking of packaging in means of transport, due to deformations or breaks that may occur due to failure to ensure the stability of secondary and primary packaging in the means of transport, due to the selection of means of transport for a given purpose, type, due to the influence of micro and macro climate impacts on packaging, due to non-observance of packaging and product deadlines.

Optotehnik does not bear any responsibility for the type and characteristics of materials that the user acquires and uses on its own or service packaging, as well as for previous processes before packaging, as well as for machines, tools, accessories, as well as for the setting and operation of machines that are used for products and packaging, as well as for all internal packaging processes at the user. Optotehnik bears no responsibility for possible differences in material characteristics that may vary in certain markets and Optotehnik cannot control, test or compare them.

After the packaging data has been defined and submitted by Optotehnik, it is considered that the project is completed. The user can control and check all the data and instructions provided by Optotehnik and look at the possible application by the user, and if he has objections and remarks, the user will within of 2 days (from the moment of delivery of the instructions and submitted packaging data) have to submit any objections to the Optotehnik in written form via email. The Optotehnik will also respond within 5 days from the moment of receiving the email to the submitted objection or objection. This all applies if the objection refers to not changing the original data of the request/inquiry. The Optotehnik reserves the right to reject the objection or remark if it considers that it is not appropriate and not justified for the given case.

Nakon definisanih i dostavljenih podataka o pakovanju od strane Optotehnika, korsinik zadržava pravo da izmeni, promeni, doda ili ne prihvati dostavljeno. Optotehnik neće snositi nikakve posledice koje eventualno mogu kasnije proisteći iz toga

Optotehnik does not bear any responsibility for the required elements from the request/inquiry for packaging by the user, where the user may accidentally or intentionally later have disputes or lawsuits for intellectual property infringement against his company, other companies or third parties. In this sense, the user is obliged to check your packaging request/inquiry. If for any reason you do not agree with these Terms, please do not use Optotehnik.

11. Cookies:

Optotehnik utilizes cookies and other technologies to enhance the app experience for all users. A cookie is a small file that is stored on users' devices, enabling them to utilize Optotehnik's functionality. These cookies allow us to recognize your device and secure your access to Optotehnik. Cookies are used on both the website and in the apps, and Optotehnik sends cookies to the browser during visits.

Why cookies are used:

  • Authentication: Cookies enable us to display relevant information and personalize your experience after signing in to Optotehnik.
  • Security: Cookies support and enable safety features, as they track unauthorized activity and violations of Optotehnik's Terms of Use.
  • Advertising: Cookies may be used to display relevant ads and commercials on the website, in the apps, and elsewhere.
  • Performance, analysis, and research: Cookies help us evaluate the performance of our site and plugins in different regions. They are also utilized for analysis, research, and the continuous improvement of our products, features, and services.

Most web browsers offer settings to manage cookies. However, disabling cookie storage for websites may impair your experience, as it will no longer be personalized. Additionally, you may lose the ability to save personal settings, such as login details. You can clear cookies through your browser settings as needed. By accepting these Terms of Agreement, you authorize us to use cookies, including for advertising purposes.

12. Getting help from Optotehnik

Occasionally, you may choose to reach out to our Support department for assistance regarding Optotehnik. In order to provide you with optimal service, we may gather certain information from you.

The information we collect includes your contact details such as your name, email address, and phone number. The purpose of collecting this data is to ensure top-quality customer support and enhance our products and services.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests regarding our privacy policy or our application, please contact us using the following information: