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We provide design and development services for new packaging for products from all types industries and sectors. We also redesign and optimize your existing packaging and industrial packaging. The elements we consider when designing or redesigning packaging include:

  • required safety and stability of packaging;
  • logistic requirements, type of transport and exploitation;
  • choice of packaging according to customer requirements;
  • choice of type and form of packaging for the packaged product;
  • selection of packaging materials for all types of packaging;
  • procurement, production, internal transport and storage processes;
  • implementation European directive 94/62, packaging and packaging waste, standards and procedures;
  • decarbonization, reduction of fossil fuel consumption and reduction of forest cutting;
  • industrial application of the obtained solutions, industrial tests and proof of the packaging concept.

We can also offer the following services:

  • Total optimization of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.
  • Partial optimization of packaging for a specific type, type of packaging or packaging material.
  • Savings through an application for fast reporting of defects and damage on your products/packaging during external transport and distribution, internal manipulation, warehouse operations, during inter-operational transport and production itself.
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About the app

OPTOTEHNIK is a cloud mobile platform that is intended for a faster flow of information, reducing costs and increasing savings in companies. Relying on increasing of efficiency and digitizing the process, the application was created based on many years of experience and has the basic function of quickly notifying a new problem, defect, malfunction or failure.

The application can be used by manufacturing companies, companies dealing with logistics, packaging, storage, transportation and distribution of all kinds of goods, stores and distribution centers. It can be used by small, medium and large companies from various industries and sectors.

The concept is minimalist and adapted to all levels, from company management to application users on the site. If your company does not have a sector or department that deals with the development, improvement and optimization of packaging, by using this application you have the opportunity to define requirements for projecting and designing new packaging, as well as redesign and optimization of existing packaging.

Using the application module for recording the defect or damage on the packaging, together with the packaging module, you can have an excellent database for finding the cause with the ultimate goal of canceling or reducing damage and complaints in the future.

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How does the application work?

Optotechnik is a mobile application with a basic purpose to quickly and easily record new defects, downtimes or failures and to inform all interested parties about it.

Users have the option of trial usage for a period of 7 days. During the trial period, users have access to all features of the application, except for the packaging module, which is reserved for the premium version.

After the trial period ends, the user needs to purchase one of the premium packages from the offer in order to continue using the application with all available options. The license for premium packages lasts for 365 days, providing long-term support to users.

One of the main advantages of the trial period is the ability to create an unlimited number of test reports. All reports are stored in the application during the trial period, giving users the opportunity to explore and familiarize themselves with the functionality of Optotehnik.

Optotechnik is an ideal tool for users in the field of packaging and provides high accuracy and efficiency in the processing of technical data. Use the trial period to discover all the advantages of this application and make a decision on premium package that best suits your needs.

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The basic functionality of the application is to create a report regarding a new malfunction, defect or damage on the product or packaging with the possibility of creating a photo with the camera of the mobile device or by adding an existing photo from the phone's library.

The forms for entering data and descriptions are transparent and simple, so that the user can fill in the required information in the easiest and fastest way and create a report.

After completing the filling of the form, a report is generated in PDF format that is forwarded to the entered email addresses. The application has the ability to send the created report to several email addresses of specific persons (suppliers, customers, managers, controllers, engineers, etc.). All created reports are stored in the application and available through the search form at any time.

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Recording the damage

Use this option to simply document a malfunction in the production process or product/packaging damage during manipulation and transport and to quickly and efficiently inform all interested employees about it via e-mail through the form of a pdf report. In addition to text descriptions, the report can contain up to 8 photos.

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Recording of the found condition

When we need to document a correctly found condition, we make a report in pdf format with photos and descriptions and inform the interested parties about it. For example, before shipping the goods to the customer, we document the appearance of the packed pallets in the transport vehicle.

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Packaging module

User-friendly module for simpler and easier definition and design of new packaging or redesign of existing packaging. Also in this module, optimization of existing packaging can be done, which can result in reduction of deforestation, reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of logistics costs, etc.

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Search module

All created reports in pdf format are stored in a single database on the cloud. According to several criteria, you can search and re-download already created reports.

Pricing plans for companies

The cost of developing a new package or redesigning an existing one, depends on the scope and complexity of the request, as well as the time spent on creating the project. By purchasing one of our premium packages, you get a discount for the creation of the first project related to packaging. Licenses can only be purchased by companies and are not for individual users.

Package 1 license

72.00 / 8600.00 RSD
  • License number: 1
  • License validity: 366 days

Package 5 licenses

342.00 / 41000.00 RSD
  • License number: 5
  • License validity: 366 days

Package 10 licenses

648.00 / 77600.00 RSD
  • License number: 10
  • License validity: 366 days
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NO! Licenses can only be purchased by companies.

Damage on products or packaging in the production process or in storage, damage and defects on products or packaging caused by inter-operational transport, damage or malfuncion of package units caused by external transport, downtime of equipment and machines, defects or damage that affect quality of products, location of failure, visible causes of occurrence of a certain phenomenon, due damage to goods or packaging upon receipt of goods, etc.

Time is money. By quickly notifying the responsible persons about the problem through e-mails and messages, we open up the possibility of shortening the time for eliminating the newly created situation. The created reports are used as initial material for further activities or as evidence of the recorded state.

Optotehnik app can be used on Android and iOS platforms

There is a large number of applications that have a similar purpose. Optotehnik differs from the competition because it also includes a packaging module.

By activating the session in the application, you will receive a document in the form of a request by email, which you fill out and send to us by email. After that, we send you all the details about your request, as well as the cost of project. In some cases, it is possible that we will have more interactions via email until we reach well-defined needs and requirements.

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Within the Optotehnik application, you can find a packaging module and a document that is adapted to users in order to make it easier and simpler to define a new package or redesign an existing package.

During filling, distribution and exploitation, your products and packaging are exposed to a large number of external influences, which can result in damages, malfunction and complaints. When we project and design packaging, we strive for optimal solutions, using examples of good practice through EU 94/ 62 , principles of minimum volume while meeting the required and sufficient security of the package unit. By using optimization algorithms and specialized software, we strive to minimize costs per product unit, reducing the costs of storage and transportation, etc. For packaging, we recommend using cardboard and corrugated cardboard, because we represent the principles of circular economy, reduction of deforestation and reduced CO2 emissions.

When you send us an inquiry for defining a new package or redesigning an existing package, we provide you with the production price with a deadline. If you accept the price and deadline, we design or redesign the package, where you receive project with exactly defined: packaging materials, packaging dimensions, usage, composition of materials, weights, standards of packaging materials, layout representations of packaging methods (internal protection of products, pallet packaging).

When redesigning existing packaging, we optimize and look for benefits and savings. We can recommend and define elements of industrial packaging based on the user's request.


App available for Android and iOS

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